Although Poland and Macedonia share many similarities, including their continent and time zone, there are various factors relating to outsourcing that separate the two. Poland is more established in the remote work scene, however, Macedonia has plenty of untapped potential. If approached correctly, this can lead to huge success for companies in virtually any industry.

In this post, BOST compare the two regions and discuss why we believe Macedonia has the best remote workers!

1. Labour Costs

When it comes to labour costs for highly skilled workers, Macedonia has the edge. In Poland, you can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $55 per hour, with over 250,000 experts to choose from.

Alternatively, in Macedonia, the average sits at $35 per hour. Naturally, this can lead to huge monthly savings, especially when you plan on employing remote workers permanently.

2. Demand

As we’ve already mentioned, Poland is a well-known outsourcing location. Macedonia, however, is an emerging market and somewhat of a well-kept secret in the realm of outsourcing. Due to this, Poland has higher demand, which is the main reason for the large hourly rate difference.

3. Common Language

A lot of individuals in Poland (30% to be precise) are fluent English speakers, compared with over 50% of the population in Macedonia. This can be beneficial to communication and help in a variety of ways:

  • You can get clearer answers during the interview phase.
  • You can convey what is expected of remote workers effectively.
  • They can keep you informed of exactly where they are with each project.
  • They can talk directly to your clientele while maintaining professionalism.
  • Less time is spent on clarifying messages and relaying important information.
  • It becomes much easier to manage remote staff.

4. Quality of Work

When comparing Macedonia and Poland outsourcing, the quality of work is very similar. Macedonia, however, has a slight edge, as the remote workers within the country are looking to get their names on the map. This hunger and motivation leads them to produce stellar results in a timely manner.

Poland and Macedonia both have great education systems, with remote IT workers being highly qualified. However, the abundance of work already coming to the country may see their results slip. This is especially true if remote workers take on more than they can handle, which is all too common.

5. An IT Focus in Macedonia

Although Poland does have a range of IT experts, Macedonia is more focused on the industry as a whole. This means that finding remote workers for cybersecurity services or general IT consulting can be more fruitful in Macedonia if you know where to look. Being presented with more options in these fields will allow you to find the perfect match for your company.

In both Macedonia and Poland, remote workers are known for putting their opinions forward, too. This gives a unique perspective on a particular problem or issue, which can go a long way in finding an optimal solution.

It’s worth mentioning that Macedonia’s focus on IT extends to its infrastructure, too. They have great internet speeds, which can ensure a consistent work flow, while also making communication much smoother.

Overview of Poland vs Macedonia Outsourcing

Below is a quick overview of how the advantages of outsourcing from Poland vs Macedonia: