What is Nearshoring

In a nutshell

Nearshoring is a business strategy where a third party firm offers particular services from a different location that is relatively close to the company’s territory.

Does it work?

Nearshoring can be an effective business strategy for companies looking to lower their costs and improve efficiency while maintaining control over their operations.

Companies can take advantage of lower labor costs and access a larger pool of skilled workers without having to deal with the logistical challenges of working with distant offshore locations.

Macedonia got talent

Outsourcing is nothing new for the IT professionals in Macedonia Macedonia as currently more than 70% of them are working remotely for teams based in other nations.

Key Features

Our comprehensive nearshoring process offers you a distinctive chance to recruit staff that aligns with your budget and quality preferences

Average Pay in Macedonia Macedonia

In general, the personal and payroll taxes in this country are lower compared to other EU EU countries.
This results in more take-home pay for your staff, creating a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved.


The information presented above is based on the following research by IT.mk:
Mapping the IT industry in .mk 2022

Salary and Fees

Your company, as one of our partners, will have direct involvement in the hiring process. Your managers will have the opportunity to negotiate salaries with the candidates, just as they would for an onsite employee, with complete transparency.

When you partner with us, you will be responsible for paying your remote staff salaries in the same manner as onsite employees, along with a flat fixed fee per staff member. There are no additional costs to worry about.


Determining fair pay for staff typically considers their seniority level, although exceptions may exist.

Rather than ranking candidates based on industry experience, we assess their seniority level through a series of interviews and tests.