Macedonia is one of the best-kept secrets in the world when it comes to outsourcing, but how does the location stack up against established giants? Ukraine is considered to be one of the top locations in the world for IT services. This includes the likes of cybersecurity and IT consulting solutions, alongside others.

In this guide, BOST provide a direct comparison between Macedonia and Ukraine for outsourcing, based on various essential factors!

1. Outsourcing Costs

At a quick glance, it may appear that Ukraine offers cheaper labour than Macedonia, however, this is only true in a general setting. Here is an average for each:

  • Macedonia – $938 per month.
  • Ukraine – $533 per month

When it comes to skilled work, such as IT consulting, things flip on their head. If we take the aforementioned role as an example, the average pay per hour in Macedonia and Ukraine sits at $35 and $37, respectively.

2. Age of Workers

Interestingly, there is a rather big age disparity between the two countries, with Macedonia having the younger average worker age. This is one of the main reasons for the cost of talented workers being lower when compared to Ukraine.

The cost isn’t the only benefit, however, with younger workers in Macedonia being highly motivated and self-organised. Many are also prepared to work longer hours to establish a positive reputation, which can be helpful for companies that find their perfect remote staff!

3. Time Zone

Macedonia is in the CEST time zone, while Ukraine is in the EET region. While it very much depends on the location of your business, there are more countries that share a time zone with Macedonia. This makes it a more attractive option for a variety of reasons:

  • You can work at the same time as remote workers.
  • Remote workers will be available when your clients need them.
  • Staff will be able to attend meetings at times that are convenient for everyone.
  • You can sync the working hours of all staff for higher productivity levels.
  • Working in the same time zone can also avoid delays in communication and the delivery of projects.

4. English Proficiency

Another surprising difference between the two countries is the number of English-speaking individuals. In Ukraine, according to a recent survey, around 23% of the population can speak and write fluent English. Adversely, in Macedonia, this figure sits at over 50%.

With English being by far the most spoken language in the world, having everyone on the same page can go a long way. This applies to internal communications and conversing with potential or existing clients!

5. Number of Skilled Workers

The final point of comparison is based on the number of skilled workers. With a popular of over 38 million people, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that there are more talented, remote workers in Ukraine. However, Macedonia has a higher percentage of skilled workers when compared to the population of just over 2 million.

Both countries have a focus on technology, too. The respective governments are keen to help both companies and workers in this industry, as they push to become leading nations in the field.

Other Things To Consider

Now, it’s worth mentioning that there are some criteria that can only be checked by you. Here are some examples of factors that are company-specific:


If the worker may need to attend specific meetings or conferences, they should be located within a reasonable travel time from your physical premises.


Less competitive niches can afford to focus on areas with lower costs. Adversely, companies that offer in-demand services will often prioritise speed and quality.

Contract Length

This is another thing to decide before asking interview questions to potential remote employees. In Macedonia particularly, staff tend to be a lot more flexible with their contract lengths. This is great for expanding businesses or companies that are facing a particularly busy period.

Macedonia Outsourcing With BOST

Overall, Macedonia outsourcing provides a golden opportunity to businesses of almost any size. Choosing to outsource from this country can lead to lower operating costs, motivated employees, and smooth communication across the board.

If you want to get the ball rolling on finding remote workers that are perfect for your open positions, BOST are here to help. We specialise in connecting companies with cybersecurity experts and IT consultants, before encouraging you to conduct each interview yourself. After all, nobody knows your company better than you!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and learn more about how we can help your business grow. We offer a completely free, no-obligation quote for all of our services, too.