What is Nearshoring

In a nutshell

Nearshoring is a business strategy where a third party firm offers particular services from a different location that is relatively close to the company’s territory.

Does it work?

The rapid growth of the IT sector and the most recent COVID-19 epidemic developments have demonstrated to us how feasible remote work is.

Companies are searching for talent remotely more than ever before, which is also increasing competition in the IT sector.

Macedonia got talent

Outsourcing is nothing new for the IT professionals in Macedonia Macedonia as currently more than 70% of them are working remotely for teams based in other nations.

Key Features

Efficiency and flexibility often comes with a high price tag but not here and not with us.
With our comprehensive nearshoring process you have a unique opportunity to hire staff as per your budget and quality preferences.

Average Pay in Macedonia Macedonia

Generally speaking the personal and payroll taxes are much lower compared to other EU EU countries.
Less taxes also means more pay for your staff so it’s a win-win scenario for everyone!


The information presented above is based on the following research by IT.mk:
Mapping the IT industry in .mk 2022

Salary and Fees

As one of our partners, your company will be directly involved in the hiring process. Your managers will negotiate the salary with the candidates as they would for an onsite employee, fully transparent.

With us, you will pay for the salaries of your remote staff as you would for an onsite employee and a flat fixed fee per staff member. No additional extra costs.


Seniority level always plays a big role to determine the fair pay for your staff but it’s also important to know that there’s always exceptions.

We don’t rank the candidates based on how long they’ve worked in the industry, instead, we conduct a couple of interviews and tests to determine their seniority level.